Marilyn P. Kramer

  • Born: August 3, 1946
  • Died: February 24, 2011
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tribute & Message From The Family

KRAMER - Marilyn P. Kramer died at home on Thursday, February 24, 2011. Marilyn was born in Chicago, IL on August 3, 1946 and moved to New Mexico with her mother, Phyllis after the death of her father, Joseph Kramer Sr. She was preceded in death by her mother and brothers, John Kramer and Joseph Kramer Jr. Marilyn retired after over 30 years with the US Postal Service where her favorite activity was interacting with her fellow co-workers and friends. She was one of those people that gave her heart to those around her and will be missed by so many. Her family includes her nieces, Kathryn Kramer-Turner (Rolla, MO) and Elizabeth Benderman; her nephews, Ken Kramer (Wichita, KS), Jim Kramer (Frisco, TX), Brian Kramer (Lubbock, TX) and Joe Kramer; and her two sisters in-law, Marilyn Kramer (Carrollton, TX) and Diane Kramer. Marilyn also had many great-nieces and great-nephews who will hold their memories of her in their hearts. Friends may visit French ~ Wyoming Chapel Friday, March 4, 2011, from 2:00 until 8:00 p.m. Services will be held at French ~ Wyoming Chapel also on Friday at 3:00 p.m. Interment will take place in Chicago, IL. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to your local animal shelter or a charity of your choice.


Condolence & Memory Journal

So sorry to hear Of Marilyn's passing. We Lived next door to the Kramerr's
on Walton Street, Marilyn was shy and very quiet always polite.My mother loved her I last spoke to her to let her know my mother passed in 2006 at 94. Her mother Phyllis and my mom were good friends and kept up. Marilyn always sent my mom a card for xmas. Sad she did not get to enjoy her retirement.
Michey Antonetti

Posted by Michael Antonetti - Chicago, IL - Friend   January 23, 2016

I lost touch with Marilyn after she moved to NM and still feel bad that we didn't try harder to keep in touch.She stood up at my first wedding, came to visit when Julie was one, and called when she came back to visit her Mom's grave.Last spoke with her when she called to say she ran into my ex on the train going west and heard his side!! Still thought the world of this girl with beautiful black, natural curly hair (which she always hated in school).Fond memories of a girl who dearly loved her family and friends.

Posted by Rosemary Gassner - Downers Grove, IL - friend   February 08, 2014

I lost touch with Marilyn after she moved to NM and still feel bad thst we didn't try harder to keep in touch.She stood up at my first wedding, came to visit when Julie was one, and called on when she came back to visit het Mom's grave.Last spoke with her when she called to say sge ran into my ex on the train going west and heard his side!! Still thought the world of this girl with beautiful black, natural curly hair (which she always hated).Fond memories of a girl who dearly loved her family.

Posted by Rosemary Gassner - Downers Grove, IL - friend   February 08, 2014


Aunt Marilyn came into our family by marriage. She made several trips to Lubbock to see Brian and Melissa and little John. Each visit was like a party to celebrate. We loved her and enjoyed being around her. Brady and Aunt Marilyn always talked about the post offiec and both retired the same time. We will truly miss Aunt Marilyn.

Posted by Gaya Perkins - family/friend   March 04, 2011


We have known Marilyn since she was 10 years old and living in Chicago. She was always a loving, caring person and will always be remembered. We've laughed together and cried together. Last summer, she was able to visit us for a week in Wisconsin, we will always be grateful for that time. She loved sitting on the deck, looking at the lake, and the boat rides. When she was leaving, we both agreed we hated goodbyes, so it was tears, a hug and "see you". We never thought it would be the last time.
When Marilyn's brother, John (our brother-in-law) passed away, we planted a tree in honor of him, sadly 3 weeks later, her niece, Pat passed away, another tree was planted. Mariyn took several pictures of these trees through her tears and told us how it made her happpy that we did this. She asked us " would you do the same for me? " We said "of course, what kind would you like". So Marilyn, this year there will be a beautiful pine tree per your request.
See you !!!

Posted by Ray & Karen Ketterer Woodridge, Illinois - extended family   March 04, 2011


Aunt Marilyn was very special to me. We will miss her and cherish the memories. She attended our wedding last August in Hayward, Wisconsin , we had a great time, lots of laughs, talking and fun. It was a long trip for her to drive but Aunt Marilyn really enjoyed her journey.
God bless!!

Posted by Gary & Tracey Ketterer - extended family   March 04, 2011

For many years I worked around the corner from Marilyn's Stamps-by-Mail office in Albuquerque. What I remember most about Marilyn was her wit. She kept me laughing with her (often times dry) sense of humor.

Posted by Tjnya J Horne - Huntsville, AL - Prior Co-worker   March 02, 2011

Chicago Bears! I will miss you very much. God Bless you I hope I will see you in Heaven! I will miss our phone calls and birthday greetings!

Posted by Leonard Lewis - Los Lunas, NM - Friend and Co-worker   March 02, 2011


So glad to see you again and enjoyed your company when we were in Hayward. Happy you got to make your trip to Mount Rushmore.
My prayers are with you.

Posted by Norene Divita - Friend   March 01, 2011

I met Marilyn some 26 years ago when we were both window clerks at the Main Post Office. I remember her mom coming to pick us up for lunch and share many good laughs with us. If you were fortunate enough to be a friend of Marilyn's and had children, she would take such a loving interest in them. Any time we got together for breakfast or lunch, you had better carry along updated pictures of the kids and grandchildren because that is the first thing she would ask for. I pray that Marilyn can see all the lives she has touched.

Posted by Rosemary Chavez - Albuquerque, NM - friend   March 01, 2011

Marilyn would always make me laugh and I loved seeing her and helping her with Stamps by Mail. I remember helping her carry all the orders downstairs so they could be mailed. I remember laughing at how people would write inside the orders and trying to decipher some of the writing! She always made me smile!! I loved looking at all the stamps she always had up in her room!

Posted by Nadine - Albuquerque, NM - friend   March 01, 2011

I've known Marilyn for a very long time, but we became closer friends after she adopted a rescue dog from me. She was ready to accept a new dog in her life and Lucky, the rescue dog needed a good home. I showed Marilyn a picture of Lucky and she said YES right away. No hesitation. I was giving her a few background details of Lucky and mentioned that Lucky, I was told, was from Mexico. She made me laugh when she told me "oh, Shirley, I can't learn Spanish." I told her don't worry you won't have to you just need to love her. And that she did. I visited her and Lucky at her house and we shared responsibility for Lucky when she went out of town. I told her how appreciative I was that she cared and loved Lucky, but Marilyn told me that she needed Lucky more than Lucky needed her. I told her I was sure that the feeling was mutual.
Both Lucky and I will never forget Marilyn and her generous heart. Marilyn, you are loved and missed.

Posted by Shirley Montano - Rio Rancho, NM - friend   March 01, 2011

Marilyn was my co-orker at the main post office and my prayer partner with my prayer group. A few of us "postal folks" , Sue and Tom, Kathy, Lydia, and myself would meet most every holiday for prayer. Marilyn was the most recent member of our group. Marilyn was very shy about praying out loud, but she did request that we would end each meeting by saying The Lord"s Prayer and then she would pray out loud. We now end each prayer meeting with that prayer. We will miss our dear friend and prayer partner who joined us late and left too soon.

Posted by alice lopez - albuquerque, NM - friend/prayet partner   March 01, 2011

Myself and my sisters Vicki and Leslie all had the joy of working with Marilyn for about 20 years. 8 years ago our Mother and her mother, our Grandmother, passed away 13 days apart. Of the few thousand people we had worked with for two decades, Marilyn was the only person to acknowledge our losses. She was the only non-family person to attend the dual service we held. Instead of the usual tears from laughter, she hugged us and cried with us. From that day forward we realized we had one true friend for eternity. We love her and will miss her immensely. Bye Sweet Angel...until we meet again.

Posted by Lori Goen - Albuq., NM - Friend/co-worker   February 28, 2011

Marilyn has been a good friend for many many years through good and bad. She was always considered part of our family. My girls have always called her aunt Marilyn. She always said she never did anything, which always made me smile because she was always traveling or going to the movies or out with family or friends. She did love to travel. And she did enjoy her retirement and the monthly lunches we had. We will miss her greatly.

Posted by Carol anderson    February 28, 2011

Marliyn was my best friend, we became good friends because we both loved to collect dolls and realized we had alot of other things in common, we got along so well, when I moved away to Corpus she would come and visit me every year and we would spend time together at the beach, and eating out, we could talk for hours, my mom and my sister drove down with her to see me one year we all had a wonderful time. Marilyn was very funny and she made me laugh all the time, she was part of my family, we would send birthday cards, christmas cards to each other and she always remember my daughter and would bring her a little something everytime she came to visit. Me and my family can't believe she is gone, we love her very much and she will surely be missed.....she was a very special person to me and I will never forget her. Troylyn

Posted by Troylyn Sisneros - corpus christi, TX - very best friend   February 28, 2011

Marilyn was a people person. She loved to be around people. Who could work the window for that many years and not be a people person? She was funny, thoughtful and a very giving person. Family, her friends, her dog(s), Chicago (the city, the cubs and bears) and her birthday (August 3rd) were very important to her. Marilyn loved the fact that so many of her co-workers and friends had the same birthday as her. Paul and Rhoda would make sure to take Marilyn, Dorothy and me out to dinner to share our birthday and Marilyn looked forward to her day. Marilyn would always give me a card saying how we were sharing the day. Her birthday was important but she loved to share it with others. What else did Marilyn about QVC. That woman loved QVC. I used to kid that she had QVC on speeddial and QVC had her also on speeddial. What did Marilyn hate....she hated flying. I could never convince her to fly anywhere, she just would get in her car and drive everywhere, Dallas, Corpus Christi, and she even went to the QVC store in the mall of America. She put a lot of miles on her cars. Marilyn had a funny way of making a statement and immediately saying I really do, or I really am. She would say I hate flying, I really do then she would bring her hand to her head, shake her head and throw her hands up in the air. She used to make me smile when she did that because she wasn't full of herself, she was just our Marilyn. What do you say when someone who has been at all the important events in your kids lives is no longer here? I say, Marilyn save me a place at the table because I will be joining you soon enough, but not too soon. Rest in Peace my friend, I already miss you so much.

Posted by Tom Anderson - Rio Rancho, NM - co-worker/Friend   February 28, 2011


I had known Marilyn since we worked together at the "Station G" office way back in 1983. She had a dry sense of humor that kept us all laughing. She was a very kind and caring person, and never forgot my birthday. Heaven regained their treasure when we lost this wonderful person.

Posted by Shirley Griffith - friend/coworker   February 28, 2011

Worked with Marilyn @ Main Office Windows. We, along with Tony Moya and Leon Garcia would give Joe Wasson our supervisor such a hard time. So many times I would go home with a side ache from laughing so much. Great times, Great memories Great Lady!!!! You will be missed ~ but always remembered!!!

Posted by Lydia Sanchez-Parra - Albuquerque, NM - friend/co-worker   February 28, 2011

Marilyn never was big on open affection. I however am a big huger. We first became friends when we worked together at the Main Post Office. When she had open heart surgery, I took my two young kids to pay her a visit once a week. I always gave her a gentle hug goodbye and she would always protest. Once when I was leaving I decided not to subject her to the unwanted hug. As I said goodbye and turned to leave, she said "You're not going to give me a hug?" I replied "I thought you wanted me to stop." That's when she told me, "I say that but I really like hugs". From then on I always hugged her goodbye. I saw Marilyn last on January 17th. As I left her house, I gave her a hug and told her I loved her. She said"Me too, what you said."

Posted by Sue Ginocchio-Tully - Albuquerque, NM - friend   February 28, 2011

Marilyn was a good friend. We shared many a good meal together. I saw her often after her retirement and was glad she was enjoying it. She was a good person and a good friend.

Posted by Kathleen Daniels - Albuquerque, NM - Friend   February 28, 2011


On behalf of the French Family of Companies, we express our deepest condolences.

Posted by Dave Slaten    February 27, 2011